Our Medical Clinic in Khao Lak

Who We Are

The Dr Chusak Clinic in Khao Lak, Thailand, has been in operation since 2001. Located next to the Andaman Sea in the province of Phang Nga, just one hour’s drive north of the island of Phuket, it is headed by Dr Chusak, a qualified physician who has more than 40 years of experience as a medical practitioner in private practice, as well as working in a government hospital. He is also a Pediatrics.

Dr Chusak’s wife, Mrs Chusak, is also an integral part of the clinic. She has been a qualified nurse for over 30 years and is particularly experienced in the management of wounds. Together with a team of support staff, the Chusaks provide a medical service that caters for the many illnesses and conditions that can arise in the tropical environment of a popular tourist town in Thailand.

Waiting Room at Dr Chusak
Dr Chusak Reception

Our Clinic

The clinic itself is housed in a large two-storey building with double frontage on the main road of Khao Lak, and is close to the shopping, transport and entertainment center of the town. It is a multi-purpose facility with several specific functional spaces.

Two large patient waiting areas are prominently positioned at the entrance to the clinic, one just inside the building, the other outside, approximately 10 meters from the curb of the main road. The comfortable environment of the former is maintained by a spacious air-conditioner. There is also a television attached to one of the walls, angled for easy viewing for all patients, including children to keep them cheerfully occupied. An observation room is positioned nearby for people whose conditions require constant surveillance.

Dr Chusak observation room
Dr Chusak treatment room

Dr Chusak sees patients in the surgery office, which is adjacent to one of two administration counters. Adjoining the other side of his office is a large treatment room comprised of two beds and a host of medical instruments and supplies, including bandages, an oxygen tank, and minor surgical implements. In this room, Mrs Chusak caters for patients who require immediate and/or on-going treatment for conditions such as burns of all types, cuts and abrasions, animal bites, and viral infections such as dengue fever and malaria, as well as conditions arising from motor-cycle accidents and other physical mishaps.

Dissemination of vaccines is a key element of the Chusak’s on-going commitment to the prevention of diseases. Vaccines included in the clinic’s regime are Japanese flu, ordinary flu, Hepatitis A and B, rabies, tetanus, as well as other preventable viral infections. The more common vaccines are kept in the clinic itself and can be immediately administered to patients; other vaccines can be transported from medical facilities in either Phuket or Bangkok and usually take one day to arrive.

One of the major features of the clinic is its in-house laboratory which has the capacity to test for the appearance of several simple illnesses. Included in the testing schedule are items such as: blood chemistry formulation and complete blood count testing, the onset of dengue fever, and urine testing to determine the appearance or otherwise of infections as well as conditions such as diabetes. A Medical Health Certificate required to obtain a work permit in Thailand can also be issued after completion of an RPR (rapid plasma reagin) blood test. In cases where more complex testing is required, patients’ samples are sent to Takua Pa hospital for further analyses.

Collaboration, however, is not just limited to the Takua Pa Hospital. Both of the key hospitals on the island of Phuket – the Bangkok Hospital and the Phuket International Hospital – are available for patients’ needs. Transport by taxi, or by ambulance in emergency cases, can be swiftly arranged to any of the hospitals. Dr Chusak can also refer patients to other medical practitioners in the area, such as psychologists, orthopedic physicians, Ear, Throat and Nose doctors, as well as other specialists.

One of the major concerns for travelers in foreign countries is whether their particular medical needs will be attended to. In this regard, the Dr Chusak Clinic has had many years’ experience specifically tending to the medical requirements of foreigners. For example, patients who have forgotten to bring their prescriptions with them while travelling abroad, can be assured their required medicines will be obtained by the clinic. All of the staff speak and understand sufficient English to enable clear communication with most foreigners.

A second major concern for travelers requiring medical treatment, is the cost of the treatment itself and whether it will be covered by medical insurance plans they have previously organized. With regard to the former, patients are only required to pay doctors’ fees for the first consultation; thereafter, payments are only required for medications (which can be purchased in the clinic pharmacy) and any special treatments such as ear rinsing and wound management. As to insurance coverage, the clinic can provide the necessary documentation for insurance companies situated in many countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Finland, Latvia, and the Faroe Islands. As there are many more insurance companies from other countries that the clinic can integrate with, patients are encouraged to simply ask the staff for assistance.

Dr Chusak sees people attending his clinic as part of an extended family. He is available 24 hours a day and will make “house calls” to wherever people are situated in the Khao Lak area. The clinic itself is open every day from 5:30pm – 8:00pm.